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T8  High-Speed Pneumatic Glue Binder


  (NEW) Brand new heavy-duty design     (NEW) Patent of pneumatic technology

Design strengthened in over 30 places which stops deformation makes machine more stable。

Imported compressor, binding speeds up to 450 books/hour。

   (NEW)Patent of prevent clamping hand technology    (NEW)Patent of automatic tidy book block

 Patented anti trap technology prevents fingers getting trapped in page clamp。

 Automatic tidy book block, make binding more convenient and professional。

   (NEW)Patent of mute pneumatic pump technology    Auto-side glue

 Quiet compressor for office environment, also equipped with waste paper and dust extraction。

Machine measure book thickness, and applies correct amount of glue。

   Easy scoring on-line    (NEW)Non-glue ends control

 Creasing unit(optional) on end of machine to make finished book open easier。

 Precise control over glueing length of book, avoiding excess glue at either end of book。

   Patent of workable    Powerful dust suction system

 Cover for storage doubles as a worktable for pages and covers。

 Ensures less waste on work surface and around glue tank, improves binding quality。

   Open flat, brand new cover location device    Smoke extractor

 Cover location device, makes positioning of cover more accurate less wastage。

Intelligent control of temperature and smoke, protect environment and your health。

   Adjustable cover clamping station    3 glue rollers(T9、T9L)

 Adapts to different types of covers, lets you adjusts roundness of square ness of spine 。

 2 rollers for spine glue, plus removal roller and side gluing(T9)。

   Intelligent control, LCD display

 LCD display, allows control of speed, milling cutter, self test diagnostics and manual/auto mode。







 T8  T8C
 Bind length 


420mm   420mm
 Bind thickness 


 60mm  60mm

 300-450 books/h 

 300-450 books/h   300-450 books/h 
 Glue melt time 

 About 30 mins

About 40 mins  About 40 mins
Milling cutter 

 small milling cutter

 small milling cutter Solar cutter + small milling cutter
 Clamp book 


Clamp cover 


 Glue roller

 3 glue rollers 

 Side glue 


 √   √ 
 Dust suction system 


 Milling folder 


 √   √ 


 √   √ 
 Clamp cover adjust 


 √   √ 
 Open platform 


 V  √ 


 √   √ 
 None-glue ends 


 Smoke extractor 


 Tidy book device 

50Hz(60Hz)  2600W 

50Hz(60Hz)  3100W 
50Hz(60Hz)  3100W 
 Prevent clamp device 


 1520×650×1160mm   1520×650×1160mm 
 Work way 


 265Kg   265Kg 

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