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AR670T NC  high-speed  Electric Cutter





   Exterior design patents    Long stainless steel front table

Innovation, smooth, stylish, like yachts and elegant bearing as distinguished

To meet the latest CE standards, Length of 460mm, make the operation safer and more assured.

   Side table (optional)    Quick assemble and unassembled design

Convenient table to stack the paper, save time, improve work efficiency.

 Side table, front table can be quickly unassembled, flexible to move machine. (> 80cm door)

  Patent  of  inclined  blade  and  rotary  actuator.   Blade Lock Patents: stop sliding knife, to improve safety

Ensure that the minimum input but maximum output, substantial increase in cutting power, easy cut thick paper, meanwhile energy efficient and extended cylinder life.

The only industry-first installation of a small paper cutter blade locking device, patented technology completely prevent crashes, misuse security risks caused by sliding knife.

   New high-speed light curtain   Intelligent control, large LCD

The new infrared line comply with CE standards, 10 set of modules, faster response time (<0.2S), provide a higher level of security, absolute leader in
China market.

Optimize human-machine interface, high-capacity 99 88 group program, count, ATC tips, tool change program menu, knife blade dimensions before any setting, self, public Inch switching, error compensation, error alarm, and other powerful smart program Function.

  External adjustment tool patents    Double pre-press paper patent

For the cutter, knives wear lead to a constant number of sheets of paper can not cut off the lower part of providing efficient fine-tuning technology.

Mechanical  pre-press  paper foot pedal, to avoid the risk of electronic clamping device, at the meantime the hydraulic linkage with both hands to press the paper, convenient and flexible.


※CE standard design, import motor, provides the core technology of this machine.
※Blade space, clamp shelves space can be adjust this design to ensure accuracy.
※A pair of parallels blade shelves, and back guide rail to ensure accuracy ;a pair of guide rail meet your different cutting need.
※Compulsive bottom limited of cutting end, prevent damage the blade; imported 8 times recycle blade, durable and economical;
※Bright  laser light line is convenient and practical position, the lifting rings, take professional knife tools, management tools and other intimate design of paper.


Main Parameter:


 AR670Z(Heavy duty rack)

AR670T(Heavy duty rack) 


 Max Cutting Size


 Min Cutting Size




 Positioning precision


 Cutting precision


 Push Paper

 Hydraulic + pedal

 Clamp Paper

Program control 

Numerical control 

Numerical control 

 Knitting process




 Lock knife




 Side table











470 Kg

460 Kg


 Machine Size





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