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A480V Programmable Electric Cutter




 Design patent


 Long length worktable

Sophisticated, stylish, modern streamlined design

Stainless steel and long length worktable up to 460mm,convenient and durable



60mm cut height


Patented blade latch device

 Maximum paper height now 60mm speed up to 30% quicker than previous models

Patented blade latch device prevents blade descent in case of emergency。


 Light guard protection


Intelligent control LCD display

High speed light guard conforms to CE directive

Easily readable, LCD display with 80 memories each containing 99 individual steps。


  Easy blade depth adjustment


Independent clamping

Blade depth adjustment available from outside the machine without the need to remove any covers。

Adjustable clamp pressure for different paper types。


 Cutting line guide


Automatic paper eject

 Clear red laser line for cutting guide. Plus high grade cutting sticks, which can be turned and used up to 8 times

Improves efficiency with Auto Eject。




 Model  A480S  A480V
 Max. cutting size


 Min. cutting size


 Cutting thickness


 Position accuracy


 Cut accuracy


 Clamp paper

Electric motor

 Eject paper  digital control  digital control
 Program  /  √
 Latch  √  √
 Side table


 Display 220V(110V)±10%
 Model  172Kg  175Kg
 Max. cutting size 1130×760×1390mm  1130×760×1390mm
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