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A450V  Programmable Electric Cutter


 Design Patent Design


 Automatic paper push-out after cutting

Different, classical tradition, into the science and technology
Elements, dynamic fashion, to provide for the operation
The best man-machine interface operating body concept.

Automatic paper push-out, save time and promote efficiency


 Patent of Independent clamp paper


 High quality alloy blade (optional)

Completely solved the spring to press the paper cutting accuracy  High common problem, can be set for different cutting materials  Press the paper set a different power, greatly improving the cutting   Quality

High quality alloy blade capable for more than 12000 times cutting


High speed, powerful motor


Knife Lock Patents: stop sliding knife, to improve safety

High speed, force and thickness, make the Max thickness up to 50mm, meet different cutting need.

The only industry-first installation of a small paper cutter blade locking device, patented technology completely prevent crashes, misuse safety problems caused by sliding knife.


 Professional design of paper push-out.

  Lengthened front worktable

Concavo-convex design of push paper platform, avoid paper missing.

 Extended front worktable is enough to cut 460mm paper by half inside the safety cover, safer and more assured.


Patent of blade adjustment from outside of machine


The blade depth can be adjusted at will from outside avoid incomplete cut

CE standard, two hand operation, infrared wall, air breaker protect etc.


 Intimate design


 Intelligent control, large LCD display

Highlight laser alignment light line, convenient and practical, imported knives, 8 re-use design, durable and economical use of the cost, take knife tools, management tools and other intimate design of paper.

Optimize human-machine interface, a large 99 88 Groups Capacity programming, counting, ATC  tips ATC Programs menu, knife blade dimensions before any setting, self, public Inch switching, error compensation, error alarm function of powerful smart program


Main Parameter:


  Model  A450S  A450V
Max Cutting Size 


 Min Cutting Size






Cutting accuracy


 Clamp Paper

Motor/Independent clamp

 Push Paper   Digital Control Manual 
 /  √
 Knife Lock  √  √


 Power 220V(110V)±10%
 N.W  120Kg  135Kg
 Machine size 910×680×1280mm  910×680×1280mm

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