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Printing ink influence quality of laminating machine

     Printing ink refers to the nature of the paper, ink performance, ink thickness, graphic surface and printing graphic integral density and so on, their influence on coating quality, mainly influence on print and film adhesive strength .

    1.The ink thickness.When the printing ink is thick, graphic area is large, the ink to change the paper surface properties of porous, closed many of the paper fiber pores, prevents the adhesive penetration and diffusion, the printing and plastic films are difficult to bond, is easy to delamination, bubble etc fault.

    2.Weaken the printing ink.Commonly used ink thinner white ink, oil and light mortar.The white ink has obvious powder particles, and binder binding is not tight, after printing the pigment particles will float in the paper, the adhesive has the hindrance function.Rcheulishvili oil is aluminum hydroxide and a connecting material rolled into aluminium hydroxide, due to light, often floating in printing ink layer surface, laminating the adhesive and ink layer is formed between the isolation layer, resulting in adhesion or bubble.Light mortar is made of resin, dry vegetable oil, drying agent made of, delicate texture, bright of conjunctiva.It and the conjugate multiple key body of terpene resin as the main component of the laminating adhesive with similar properties, they have good affinity, the polypropylene film firmly adsorbed on the surface of ink.

    3.Put the dry oil. join the dryness of the oil, can accelerate the imprinted drying, but the dry oil quantity easily make ink layer surface to form a shiny smooth low interface d layer, adhesive is hard to wetting and penetration, impact of the coating , therefore, should control the dryness of the oil additive volume.

    4.Spraying.Offset printing dusting process to avoid printing rubbed against dirty, dusting ink formed on the surface of a layer of fine particles.When the film covering the adhesive is not everywhere is the ink layer is adhered, but with these silty bonding, forming a stick phenomenon, serious impact on quality.Therefore, to resin coated products, should avoid the use of dusting technology, has a dusting of printed materials, the application of dry cloth wipe powder.

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