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Essential equipment list of Printing industry

    Personalized, small batch, fast print custom is the fsat printing.With the development of economy, more and more companies, enterprises, social groups and individuals should be in a very short period of time to complete a set of printing tasks, therefore, printing needs of the rapid surge.In the traditional industry, typing photocopying, graphic card, tender manual, sales reports, historical atlas, a short version of album business increasingly towards quick printing market.The following author from pre-press, printing, Postpress and auxiliary facilities in several simple enumerate printing industry is equipped with the necessary equipment.

   equipment before printing
    1.Computer, scanner (one step can be A3 or high speed graphic scanner), typesetting software, image processing software, network connection device
    2.Digital camera and some professional lighting background facilities, so easy to carry out the album, Atlas, conference souvenir book high profit of printing projects
   Printing equipment
    1.Black copy, printing equipment, preferably with duplex scanning two-sided printing function
    2.Digital color printing equipment, the conditions can be A3 format or a copy function of the equipment, so that business scope wider
    3.Wide high-precision printing equipment, for the effect chart, panels, hardcover cover production
    4.Large format printer copier, engineering a blueprint for the business needs to show the slide machine

   Post-Print equipment
   1.Binding machine, marking machine, creasing machine ect.binding equipment
   2.Paper cutter, cover trimming knife
   3.Roll laminator, cold mounted machine cover processing equipment
   4.Rubber ring, wire, strip, hot riveting, drilling ect.small equipment;
   5.Folding machine, office stapler or pamphlet ect.binding equipment;
   6.Printing, bronzing such as the production of high-grade effects equipment.
  The worktable and the storage cabinet:
  Table storage cabinet for storing equipment, paper, as well as for text transfer, stacking and so on.Hupu produced the binding machine,paper cutter,ect Post-Print equipment, specially adapted for printing office environment design, the appearance of the atmosphere, sophisticated technology.The unique patented technology books placing platform, open platform without auxiliary worktable can display various types of personalized book core, cover, finished, clean and convenient.To enhance the efficiency of the office at the same time, also save more office space for the printing users.

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