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New glue binding machine and paper cutter sell well

    After market research, based on the user's comprehensive feedback, Fullar man Combined with years of the riches of the wisdom crystallization, organizational development personnel research, in the original glue binding machine and paper cutter on the basis of precise successfully developed a new glue binding machine and fine close paper machine products, as New Year gift to our customers. Since listing, the market responded enthusiastically, in short supply. 
    T Series High Speed Pneumatic plastic installed  
    High-Speed Pneumatic plastic installed: T3, T5, T5L, T8, T8L, T8C, T8CL and so on. T Series High Speed Pneumatic plastic installed with a new heavy-duty design, high-end brand of imported pneumatic original book core patented technology automatically Qi Li, quiet pump technology, automatic side of the plastic patented technology, the online indentation patented technology, the new glue the end of the first patented technology, resting desks patented technology, patented clamp sets the level of technology, regulation, and with three rubber tire design, the use of open platform, the new cover positioning device, transverse pick up the book, smart temperature control and smoke extraction technologies to make more environmentally friendly work environment and protect health. 32-bit chips, a strong feature set, and using the LCD screen display, easy and intuitive; self-test and alarm function allows you to love machine known; cutter, tire sensors automatically turn on, auto off, intelligent and convenient.             
    CNC Cutter          
    New Cutter: A450S NC Electric Cutter, A480S NC Electric Cutter. More than two of the original 450 series paper cutter paper cutter inherited all the advantages, while different from the current market sales of other small paper cutter products. Some of the market by spring pressure were small paper cutter approach, cutting out the finished product prone to bias cutter, up and down uneven and so, while the A450s and A480s Cutter press the paper by an independent body, durable , can effectively ensure the cutting precision, cutting thickness increased to 50mm. And the use of Fuller's unique patented external adjustment tool, and can cut material for different pressure of any change press the paper, cutting the pressure bigger, faster. 
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