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Cutter blade using the effect of the factors and life

    Currently automatic paper cutter, CNC cutter, cutter, and other program-controlled high-grade paper cutter is widely used and related industries. Among them, the cutter blade of the cutter component as an important one, and its sharp level and use period, in large part about the paper cutter production efficiency. So, the use of cutter blade main factors effects and life, what does?
    First, the material of knife. Single tool cutter blade and the knife from the body by high temperature welding insert made of high hardness of the chrome edge of tungsten steel, low carbon steel cutter body. Tool steel for durability and the hardness of the blade part of the proportional, high-quality blade, blade by quenching hardness of up to HR55 ~ 60. 
    Second, the shape and angle cutter knife. Cutter, on the one side, the general single-sharpening knives, sharpening its angle 19 ° ~ 23 ° between. However, this shape of the tool's bevel edge grinding surface in the cutting process is cut away from the bear that part of the paper stack pressure, friction in the paper under the edge of the blade bevel soon be worn. The tool is double-sided blade has obvious advantages, the sharpening can help reduce the load on the machine, and improves the cutting accuracy. Thus allowing the tool material circumstances, and taking into account the size of cutting edge material against the premise of cutting, grinding blade angle should be as small as possible.
Third, the paper cutter sharpening quality. The higher the quality of the Brothers, the longer the life of the cutter, cut the better the quality. 
    Fourth, the type of cutting material. In the cutting process, the cutter blade of a dull cutting speed and wear resistance are related. In the cut paper, blunt blade speed and hard and soft texture of the paper and the number of the ash content. Cutting more hard texture, the greater the ash content of paper, the blades dull faster. 
    These are the effect of using the paper cutter blade and life factors, so the use of automatic paper cutter, CNC cutter, cutter, and other program-controlled high-grade paper cutter, pay attention to tips to improve the paper cutter blade use efficiency and service life. 
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