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The trends of Cutter Market and technology in china

    Paper cutting machine is mainly used for cutting sheet paper mill processing, printing companies and printing pre-press, after cutting a single sheet of paper printed plastic packaging products, paper processing and the cutting honeycomb core. In recent years, widespread application of digital technology, so the importance of finishing the increasingly prominent, which led to the rapid development of industry, paper cutter. Cutter continued to extend the scope of application expanded, but also widely used in trademarks, adhesive patches, cards, and even PS version, leather, hard plastic and other non-paper material cutting. As technology advances, paper cutter from the original mechanical, hydraulic development of the automatic paper cutter, CNC cutter, now began to intelligent computer control cutter to the core, a variety of auxiliary Consisting of the development of automated production lines of paper cutting, which makes precision cutting paper cutter, a substantial increase in efficiency.
     As the rapid development of     China's printing industry is currently increasing social demand cutter. High annual import volume printing machinery, paper cutting machines are also in the import volume growth trend, our factory has a huge paper cutter development. However, despite the domestic high-end performance and quality paper cutter is close to international advanced level, the gap is still also very obvious. With the further development of international trade liberalization, domestic cutter how to defeat the impact of foreign brands has become the domestic issues of common concern cutter manufacturers.
    As technology advances, the production needs of the printing industry and the increasingly fierce market competition, paper cutter, paper cutter toward the future will be large format, more intelligent direction. But also because the increase in labor costs, printing automation equipment for cutting the level of demand is also rising, the development of peripheral cutter is the cutter manufacturers will work direction. Meanwhile, the market for paper cutter product performance, appearance quality, packaging design and production system, marketing services and so on, also put forward higher requirements.   
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